Amanda has always been fascinated by anything related to development, cognition, & behavior—teaching & learning are as natural & necessary as breathing for her. She has happily spent her life becoming intellectually strong and helping others to do the same. Due to her cerebral palsy, she has so also spent her life believing physical strength was an exclusionary, unattainable concept for her. She was only as active as she had to be and simply survived the reality of her painful, frustrating physical world. Her physical health was in shambles so were her emotional health was in crisis. Although she was at the height of success in her career and loved by an extraordinary family, she was at rock bottom in her health and felt completely alone. Her work suffered, her marriage suffered, her parenting suffered, and her relationships suffered. On December 3, 2013, that all changed. Fifty pounds overweight, she stumbled into Crossfit77 to ask about a fitness membership. She asked for help. Armored behind leg braces & canes she steeled herself for them to say NO because she was too “risky,” too “broken,” too “disabled.” Instead, they simply said, “Let’s get to work.” Her health, work, family, and life have been completely transformed by functional fitness training at Crossfit 77.

On that day, she promised herself that she would do everything in her power to pay it forward. To use every tool in her toolbox to build the same opportunities for others. To apply every skill she had to make health & fitness possible for everyone– even the “risky,” the “broken,” & the “disabled.” The momentum since has moved mountains.


Amanda is a mom, a wife, a nurturer & an education professor. She is also a coffee addict, adventurous cook, dog lover, theatre geek, digital media fiend, avid reader, oratory & debate champion. Fun fact, Amanda is also a former hand model who has a thing for Bon Jovi & high heels.


Post-Doctoral Studies- University of North Carolina
PhD- University of Pittsburgh MA- Columbia University
BA- Chatham College Licensed Elementary Education Teacher
Licensed Early Childhood Education Teacher
Licensed Special Education Teacher
Licensed Reading Specialist
Licensed Behavior Specialist
Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance Coach
National Strength & Conditioning Association Special
Population Specialist
Crossfit Level 1
Functional Movement Screen
OPEX CCP Assessment 1
OPEX CCP Program Design 1
OPEX Optimizing Movement for Performance Seminar
Primal Blueprint Nutrition
Precision Nutrition